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tv   Early Mornin  CBS  February 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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of some sweet pellets now. overall majority of what we're seeing falling is in the form of snow. here you go. wake up about 4-6 inches average so far on the ground. some areas a little bit less or more. snow falling heavily at times. mix of sleet and ice by 11:00. southwest sections working to the north and east as we head through the afternoon. freezing rain possible. changing over to some plain old rain as we head through the overnight hours. into tomorrow morning we have all the snow and add rain and some sleet and freezing rain going to be a mess. we'll take time for vdot to clean off the roads. >> a couple of days. what a mess out there. thanks, leo. we have snow on the ground and on the road. virginia department of transportation crews are out in force this morning. vdot spokesman jones us by phone to give us an update on the road situation. good morning, jason. when i was driving into work i saw plenty of snowplows. what is the biggest challenge
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around? >> what do drivers do to make the vdot crews job a little bit easier. we're having trouble with jason jason's audio. we'll get back with him later in the newscast. the winter wonderland has returned to our area. roads are covered with snow and snow is still falling out there. wdbj7 garrett turner is out on the roads for us this morning. good morning, garrett, how is it looking out there? >> good morning, kim. so far it looks pretty good.
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going north on to 20. good news is plows have taken it down to pavement. not here but a little bit south of us where we were right now. not a lot of people on the roads i think the great thing about this kind of snow is it gives you a little traction if you have to get to work. so it is not as slick as it is going to be later today with the rain. but so far the roads are looking good and people are staying off of them. we plan to travel throughout roanoke today and so far we had not seen any stalled cars on the side of the road which is also great news. everyone stay safe so far. this is kind of what it looks like here going north on to 20. we'll keep you updated throughout the show. back to you. and we have shayne in roanoke. >> hi, garrett, we're down in
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and last time we had this and this is actually nice. coming down at a decent pace. not that snow we saw last time when we were north further. out on the roads we have seen plows here and mild so far. and keeping the plows ready to go. the roads do have a nice layer of snow but they're passible so take it slow. make sure you have traction and also you want to shovel that is not the right kind of snow shovel to use but we did clear it out. the snow stay white and powder and leave the snow out of the way. not a heavy snow shouldn't be too hard to shovel. >> that is pretty. as you said kind of why didn't take much to clear off my car this morning. that is a good thing.
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a lot of people have not gotten out and about yet. let's turn to meteorologist leo hirsbrunner talking about 4- 4-6 inches on the ground so forth. >> we get more as we head through the morning. some of the snow heavy at times times. what is with the shovel digging holes in the parking lot? that is a light fluffy snow. you can push it easily off the driveway and roadway. but winter storm warnings continue until noon tomorrow. we have snow to go through. accumulateing snow to go through and sleet. maybe some pockets of freezing rain before transitions to plain old rain as we head through the overnight hours. look at this. this is why the snow is light and fluffy. usually snow 10 to 1-inch of rain and you go 10 inches of snow. this is a 20 to 1 ratio. if you get 1 inch of rain you get 20 inches of snow. not going to get that much. showing you how light and fluff fluffy it is. temperatures slowly warm as we head through the day. look at the thin line of snow across our region up to parts
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pocahontas not seeing much snow but some seeing snow falling heavily and more rain back towards central tennessee and kentucky. you see the darker blues and we find moderate to heavy rain fall. keep that in mind as you head out and about. this is not going to be an all day snow event. we have things going on in the atmosphere. turning things over to lindsey anderson to talk about is what taking place in the higher levels of the atmosphere. >> yes. above our heads warmer air will begin to move in. when it does that, the snow will begin to transition to sleet and then freezing rain and then plain old rain. let's time this out for you. 6:00 a.m. on monday showing all the snow. hitting our area. as we go on through the next several hours you notice the warmer air above our heads moving into south side. martinsville and danville see snow to sleet. around 11:00 a.m. and noon. by 1:00 p.m. that warmer air
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lynchburg, roanoke and blacksburg continue to see the transition and that moves north putting an toned some of the snowfall accumulations towards the highlands and the valley. you notice warmer temperatures it is about 32 degrees. then throughout monday evening into monday night we begin to see some pockets of freezing rain and then plain old rain to end the event through tuesday morning, leo. >> that is how we're going to get the mixed bag of precipitation. right now getting the snowfall snowfalling heavily and then the wintry mix takes over. you have the sweet pellets mixing and then transition to plain sleet. pockets of freezing rain before we transition to all rain. later tonight temperatures drop off a little built but then over night start to warm up as we get the southerly flow kick n see the snow and then the pockets of sleet. even though it shuts down from time to time and rain builds in overnight tuesday into tuesday morning and then ending a brief shout some of snow in the mountains of west virginia. some cold air swing through.
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and brief period of some snow showers to the mountain. again up in the mountains we're going to maybe 6 to 10 plus inches across the i-81 corridor corridor. around 4-8 and some areas seen that 4-6-inch range and we may end up in the higher end of that range. down towards the south side 2-4 as they switch over quicker. snow early in the afternoon mix temperatures topping out pretty much in the low 30s as we head through the afternoon. a slow process warming up. for tonight wintry mix to rain as you head through the overnight hours. temperatures dropping back down into the 20 to near 30. that is early evening hours. overnight you start to see the numbers begin to warm up and your first alert wdbj7 wdbj7, seven day planners. winter impact today and tomorrow because of the winter storm. look at the high by tuesday afternoon. back up to around 47 degrees. more sunshine wednesday, thursday and friday.
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we're talking aboutics 6-8 to 6-8 to 10 inches into today and tonight and weekend we close in% on 60 degrees for many locations. just -- if you don't like the snow think about the weekend and warmer weather beginning to head our way. >> from winter to spring in a few days. just be patient until then. well we're tim is out looking at the road situation. tim, what are things like out there? >> good morning, kimberly. i'm on wards road also known as route 29. i don't know if you can hear that faint beeping sound. that is a sound of a virginia department transportation snowplow that went by. i saw three of them heading north on route 29 towards lynch lynchburg. they have gone over this rode several times. main roads like this is the case with most snowstorms. they're looking good at this point. pretty good given the conditions. keep in mind we have a little bit of snow and ice on the road even after it is plowed. but compared to other roads it is looking a lot better.
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that lead into neighborhood i drove one this morning as i was heading out here. that also has been plowed at least once. but i did an official or unofficial measurement i guess you could say here before i headed out and i found we have about 4 inches of snow on the ground. still quite a bit of snow and most neighborhoods have not been plowed so it may be a little difficult for people to get out if they have. i notice some businesses and a lot of schools are closed for the day kimberly. >> president's day a lot of businesses are closed for that reason as well. that is a stay indoors if you can. thank you, tim. we keep an eye on the road conditions and other countyies
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first traffic report is next. >> 5:12.
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snow covered roads are across the area. slick road conditions as seen on the radar. snow continues to punch n look far southwest virginia. starting to see a little sleep punch in but other area finding snowfall. we're going to send things outside. finding lin. lin, how much snow are people recording? >> four to 6 inches on the ground. outside of the hometown news leader reported 4 inches as soon as we came to work this morning. additional half inch out here by this time. closer to 5 inches. now, across the area places like salem reporting over 5 inches of snow. and gilet or new port in giles county looking closer to 5 inches as well. amounts and martinsville and danville and the valley 6 inches as well. continue to monitor as we head
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certainly very pretty out here. >> i 13 as you know snow and ice are causing issues all over over. the highways and main roads are covered in a layer of snow and ice. some locations have deep pockets of snow. reporting just over a dozen weather related crashes already. i-81i-81 is blocked and crews are working to clear that tractor-trailer. there is another tractor-trailer accident on interstate 77 now blocking one northbound lane near the gap exit. crews are working 12 hour shifts to clear the snow. the virginia department of transportation are trying to make the all roads passible by wednesday. don't drive unless you absolutely have to. also dealing with a lot of snow is new river valley. roads there are covered with snow despite plows best efforts. wdbj7 is live in blacksburg. what does it look like there?
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the snow has been falling since yesterday afternoon and it is certainly building up. i just checked a minute ago and i'm measuring just under 6 inches. by now it could be over 6 inches of snow right where i'm standing. the plows have been out trying to clear the road. these big flakes are just coming down too fast. as you mentioned the state police told us earlier this morning they responded to 16 crashes overnight in a 14 county area. officers are adviseing drivers not to be on the road unless you have to. in that case be sure to bring a chargeed cell phone and warm clothes in case an emergency happens. plow, doing the best with major roads and highways but minor and other roads are still covered. blacksburg transit announceed no morning service here or in christiansburg and re-evaluate today whether there is afternoon service. group that don't need to use the buses is virginia tech students. they have canceled all classes today and tonight.
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for all of your school closing. live in blacksburg, eamon o'meara, wdbj7. >> thank you, eamon. people brave the cold to send a message and why they say this
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are. >> snow continues to fly across the area. some of that snow falling heavily at time. a very fine fluffy snow but still we're seeing it add up. starting to see a mix towards southwest virginia, eastern parts of tennessee. see that warmer air given to nose its way to the northeast. for our area it will take its time getting here but just showing you that warm air is not that far away. a little closer and we had the deeper colors. that is where we find moderate to heavy snow on average so far about four to 6 inches as we head further to the north we're finding amounts natural bridge reporting about
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up towards the parts of the highland pocahontas not seeing that much snow take place as of yet. butvirginia tech ed in snow. 4 to 6. 17 degrees. a very light breeze so we don't have to worry about a brutal wind chill. visibility down because of the snow falling heavily at time. today snow likely through the morning and by the afternoon we see that switch over to sleet. wintry mix continues through the an. may transition to plain old rain as we head through the overnight hours. look at the forecast model. snow now heavy at time. start to get that mix. you notice we also see insome breaks from time to time. see that snowing and sleeting tomorrow and we get the breaks from time to time and plain old rain shower moves through. some of that rain could fall heavily at time. a quick clipper into tuesday and wednesday and bring a brief shot of snow to the mountains of west virginia.
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6 to 10 along the i-81 corridor and 4 to 8 further north you go lower end as you head through the roanoke valley and you see four, five, 6 inches of snow on the ground. today snow early afternoon mix. temperatures around 30, 31. that is a slow process getting there. overnight drop a little bit but warm back up tomorrow morning. talking upper 20 to low 30s. seven day planner impact days today and tomorrow for wintry weather and see more sunshine rest of the week and warm up to to 60 by the weekend. >> things are so far away. >> i know. if you love the snow watch out the window. it is pretty out there. a botetourt protesters brave the cold weather to speak out at the green field plantation. wdbj7 has been keeping you up updated on the county's plan to move the building this week. demonstrators say they're taking a stand against the eraseer of local history. >> these are citizens of botetourt county that represent all of the citizens of
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movement of these quarters on the hill that have been here for over 200 years and represent history and heritage to the botetourt people. >> city plans to move the slave industrial building. it was a historic weekend at
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some >> that snow continues to fall across the area. watch out for slick road conditions. it is very dry snow. once it is packed down you can have problems heading out so far about 3- 3-6 inches of snow on the ground. see an additional 2-4 plus spots as we head through monday morning hour. then it starts to change to that sleet even some freezing rain mix as you head towards the lunch hour. late tonight, early tomorrow everyone can start to see mainly rain. some rain could fall heavily at times but you might get breaks. if you get a break don't think
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moisture builds in. >> if you don't have to get out stay at home. daytona 500 where history was made on sunday. plus the virginia tech women's one slip away. >> good morning, i'm karen with your look at sports. qualifying for the daytona 500 is in the books, daytona speedway sunday here is travis wells more from the track. >> partly cloudy skies 43 drivers took aim at a spot for next weekend. 58 great american real estate. including champions and pole winners seeking a picture perfect run including two rookie that had star power. chase elliott and brainy was quickest in round one, seven in round two with 179.46 miles per hour assuring the wood brothers
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>> we had speed in our motor craft. i think we run a great race like we do on all the super speedways. nice to be back in the swing of things here in daytona. really cool to be a part of this. really take this all n this is a cool event and glad to be a part. >> elliott was compressive advancing round two doing the same 24 ride that jeff gordon won the pole with a year ago. blistered the speedway and 296.31 miles per hour to claim the pole. at the age of 20 he's the youngest pole sitter in 500 history. following in his famous father father's foot stems. bill elliott still holds the daytona track record. >> have not gotten used to the fact that we're here being in the daytona 500 let alone the poles. the daytona 500 qualifying days so much about the teams and what they put in through the offseason to massage on the collars find a little bit of
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so hard to get today and the single car qualifying efforts so this is a special day. my first daytona 500. i'm excited to be a part of it. >> dale earnhardt junior made a run and he was quickest in the first round but the toyota edge edged out the 88 for the outside of row one. elliott becomes the 6th rookie to start the daytona 500 pole. the rest of the field behind the top two starters are set according to thursday qualifying races. two other quick notes. the cardsother cars failed post qualifying and they start in the back among others that failed to make a run. travis well, wdbj7 wdbj7. >> thank you, travis. some basketball. the very tech women had a rough stretch. they began the year with 13-1 record. since then they have gone 2-9 in the last 11 games. trying to break the pattern.
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the three-pointer and she gets the foul. that is a four-point play for her. domenic powell showing off range. a long two for her. hokeys lead by four. transition in the second quarter. they won by eight going 27 to 27 to 20. she has been finding her groove groove. the hokeys maintain the lead until a run late. come back to win 59-48. in the pga roanoke vaughn tailor won at pebble beach picking up his first victory. he has a place in the masters in augusta where he lives that. is your monday morning look at sports. >> wdbj7 has you covered during the latest snowstorm. monitoring the road situation. it is not just snow. the vdot cruise are dealing with this morning it is the prolonged weather.
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challenging good morning. 5:30 on this monday. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm kimberly mcbroom. road crews are out plowing the snow right now. this time around they're running into a different type of fight with the winter weather. vdot says the cold weather is making their job harder. the temperature, in the low 20s and salt and pretreatment don't work as affectively. vdot did have a small window to pretreat some of the enter states and major roads. adding a solution with a salt jump start the melting process. either way they want people to stay home if they can. >> the pavement temperature, going to be very cold. any precipitation that we see over the next day or so is going to stick. >> it could be later in the week before they get around treating the secondary roads. stay off the roads this morning but if you do have to go to work make sure you allow yourself plenty of time. the roads are packed with snow.
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out on the road this morning. good morning to you, garrett. how is it looking now? good morning, kim. the roads are slick so again stay home if you can. if you don't have to go to work work. just stay out. there are a couple of cars on the road. but so far what you're going to be dealing with is the slick road and they're a little bit slushy and icey. that is having to do with a lot of the pretreatment that has been going on so far. we're heading on 460 west and also orange avenue going into roanoke. several plows have been out. they're trying their best to get the roads maintained but the roads are covered. what we're seeing is luckily no cars stalled or no rectangles so far. that is a good thing. we will be going out throughout town or city all morning. we have been down through downtown.
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really no cars been out on the roads in that respect. so we'll check in throughout the morning show. throughout the morning. kim, back to you. >> all right. get busyier as the hours progress. thank you for the update garrett. >> depending on which hometown you find yourself n you may see more or less snow because of the way the storm is playing out. wdbj7 shayne dwyer joins us live outside and shayne how are things looking where you are? >> good morning, kimberly mcbroom. things are looking so far so good. definitely as gated said plows have come through but we have not seen anything and i'm looking out on orange avenue and cars are able to move but definitely here a nice snow packed there on top of the roads so if you are going to get out this morning go get your coffee, donut, go to work, avoid that for the time being. hope you did that last night. if you have to go out this
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you are not comfortable driving in snow because this snowstorm is a little bit less than the last snowstorm. trying to get that confidence if you have it to get out here. if you're not comfortable coming out here try to get a chance and other than that snow coming down from the sky at this point. again that nice light powder that is very different and coming down right now. last time the snowstorm come through. crews have been out. we have seen many come through trying to do their job. kimberly, that shovel that i had this morning it is not a snow shovel. i know that. that is the best thing i had. we're going to make it work. if you want to come and bring us a snow shovel you are welcome to do so, >> be careful out there. as we say not as much snow as we were dealing with last month month. doesn't take much to be treacherous on the roads. turn to meteorologist leo hirsbrunner
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and you'll be fine in three or four days. looking at good conditions. if you like wintry type of weather. if you don't not your best forecast. seeing four to 6 inches. winter storm warnings continue through tuesday at noon. even though you don't see precipitation noon on tuesday you're going to have some lulls and we have to go through the snow and sleet and freezing rain before it transitions to all rains. leaving some snow falling heavily at times now across our region. giving us an inch or two per hour for isolateed spots. see the darker colors. that is where we find some of the heavy bands of snow and maybe some light flurry activity. notice up towards the north not much going on. a thin little line seeing all the snow. that will be the trend today. might lift a little further to the north of that low pressure center starts to get closer. you can see overall hour-by-hour we talk about temperatures warming into the teens and 20 at best. later on start to see things
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impact of this event today. tonight and tomorrow. we're going to transition head things over to meteorologist lindsey anderson. >> thank you, leo. the main impacts that we have for this morning and even through the early afternoon is the treacherous roads. hazardous travel expected as they are snow covered. temperature, just so cold that it sucked immediately yesterday evening. and the snow will continue through the early afternoon. it is not until after the lunchtime hour when the snow will begin to transition to sleet and then ice. of course that could lead to some power outages as the ice accumulates on parts of the power lines and also on to some icey surfaces. so it is going to be very slick outside. any additional wind maybe 10 to 10 to 15 miles per hour could deal with sporadic power outage outages. minor flooding is another concern tuesday as heavy rain moves through the area. it falls as plain rain as temperatures are in the 40s but when it falls on top of that
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is covered and rain might not have many places to go. something we'll monitor as we head through the next 24 hours leo. >> yes. take it easy if you don't have to head out stay home. if you do like us take it easy out on the roadway. give yourself a little extra distance between you and the car ahead in case somebody needs to break relatively quick quickly. we're finding the snow but look at the air nosing its way in. that starts to transition on snow over to sleet and freezing rain. you can see how much ice we are talking about. not a huge ice storm but a glaze to a 10th of an inch. lindsey said still could have power outages. forecast today. snow early and mix topping out in the 30s but that will be late this afternoon. head out tonight wintry mix to plain old rain. some of the rain tomorrow falling heavily at times low 20 and 30 and warming tomorrow morning. mid to upper forties by late in the day and finally wednesday, thursday, friday and into the weekend we start to see warmer
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getting back up into the 50s to near 60. >> lindsey mentioned power out outages yet. a couple hundred people here. >> as we head through the afternoon. >> sounds like it leo. we're completing another live team coverage with a look in the lynchburg area. wdbj7 tim saunders standing along the road in the county good morning, tim. >> good morning, kimberly mcbroom. as you said i'm here along wards rode and this is known as route 29 this. rode has actually been plowed several times. about 30 minutes ago. and they have the road down almost to the pavement. you're going to still see some slush. a little bit of snow out on the pavement if you have to travel this road. of course quite a few people are on this rode this morning. this is the main highway between lynchburg and danville and even on a holiday like today you see a lot of traffic on a road like this. a lot of people have to get from point a to . b. it functions like an interstate
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this part of our viewing area so a lot of people on this particular road as for your secondary roads those have not been plowed and some have at least been scrapeed once and the one i traveled here on had been scraped and it leads into other neighborhood roads. they have not been touched yet depending on where you are. those may not be plowed by vdot in the city of lynchburg the city cruise public works plows those roads and county vdot takes care of those. it will take some time for plow plows zero to get into the neighborhood area. some people are getting around by bus and greater lynchburg transit authority say they are running buses this morning on a modified route schedule on roads that have been plowed. so keep that in mind if if you do take the bus to get to work or anywhere else, remember the buses are not going to travel under normal routes this morning. they are going to be modified and you may need to make a phone call to find out what the routes are. live in campbell county, tim saunders, wdbj7.
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on the other side of our coverage area the new roanoke valley is getting plenty of snow piling up. wdbj7wdbj7 eamon o'meara joins us live. how much snow are you seeing there now, eamon? >> good morning, kimberly. it is quite a bit. it is not looking bad because not too many cars driving which is a very good thing. despite the plows there is still a lot of snow building up on these roads. state police tell us that they have already started to -- a dozen crashes in this area and that is why they and the virginia department of transportation are adviseing people to stay off the roads. in fact blacksburg has already canceled morning bus service here and in christiansburg and won't decide until can yous can re-evaluate. we have been showing you closing and one big area that is closeed is virginia tech. all classes today and tonight have been canceled.
5:39 am
work state police are adviseing you make sure you have a charge charged cell phone and warm clothes in case of an emergency emergency. of course take it slow. despite the plows best effort there is a lot of big piles here on the road. i hit quite a few myself. i just checked and mentioned to myself and i measured just over 6 inches of snow in blacksburg but kimberly how fast the snow is coming down i wouldn't be surprised if we see that number continue to rise. >> i'm thinking so, too. it is coming down good where you are. thank you, eamon o'meara. >> it it is icey and freezing cold and we're watching the road. your hometown traffic report is ahead. the us supreme court scalia, we'll tell you where his final
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>> time coming in at 5:42. snow falling heavily at times for some as you head out and b 4-6 inches average snowfall. this is a camera live picture toward the downtown area of roanoke. you cannot really see that much much. reach why, snow is coming down heavily at times right now. as we head through the morning into the afternoon it will start to transition over to sleet. but right now we're going to send things outside to meteorologist lindsey anderson. still coming down pretty good? >> it sure is. falling steadily your hometown news leader. about 4-5 inches of snow across the roanoke valley. more accumulation in the new roanoke valley in center virginia and in fact we had a report 7 inches of snow. lesser amounts at the highlands and also through south side. we begin to see a transition for the sleet and even ice this afternoon picking up to the lunchtime hour and rain to end the event come tuesday.
5:42 am
>> causing major problems on 92 in practice ski county. there is a one mile long back up. traffic is diverted there now. there is another tractor-trailer accident on i lane near the area. this is a live look now at i 64 in covington. the department of transportation camera. even highways and main roads in our area are thick now with a layer of snow and ice. vdot is asking drivers not to go out on the roads unless they have. crews are working around the clock to get the snow cleared. have all the roads passible by wednesday. >> supreme court justices antonin scalia. they determined he died saturday of natural causes. awe topsy was not ordered and investigateor said there is no
5:43 am
about who and newest justice. with an equal balance of four conservatives and four liberals remaining on the supreme court it is unequal. michigan governor rick snyder is asking the government for more medicaid for flint residents. convention contaminated water and major target people under 21 as well as pregnant women. a statement yesterday they spent 15,000 residents to benefit if that request is approved. the us surgeon general is to visit flint tomorrow. pope francis gave a huge open air mass in mexico. more than 300,000 people gathered yesterday in an area to hear him speak. urged them to build an equal opportunity society to have a homily and they lined up along the motorcade route to see them pass by. >> it is here for many people. >> also visited a children's hospital in mexico city and
5:44 am
one young boy serenaded him with ava maria. he'll travel to meet with the indigent people there. republican president candidates engaged in verbal battle in their most intense debate. we have fresh new poles to see where the candidates stand and they say marco rubio is winner and donald trump coming in second. antonin scalia death candidates and vote enzyme have the supreme court future on their mind. some think that president obama nominate the next justice. the grammy finally arrived how stars are preparing and who to expect performances from. one teenager went all out for
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how he surprised (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at >> this picture sent in and you can see once it started it immediately stuck.
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that is why we're finding slick road conditions across the region right now. look at the numbers in the teen teens and 20s just a little warmer as you head towards the south side. that is light, fluffy snow but still continuing to add up across the area. you have this thin line right here making its way from tennessee, southwest virginia up towards the northeast where you see the darker colors. that is where we're finding heavyier snowfall at this point in many. if you look close to our west, starting to see a little pink. that is just indicating that the computer thinks it is starting to see a little sleet beginning to mix in as the warm warmer air moves in. everyone locally still seeing plain old snow. as you head through the morning we start to see that transition from place to place. so far salem under 6 inches. blacksburg national weather service five and a half inches and lynchburg a little less than two-and-a-half and digital broadcast between five and 6 inches at this point in time. head through the morning
5:48 am
transition to a wintry mix. i wait tonight overnight freezing rain transition to plain old rain as temperatures warm above the freezing mark. see that trend. snow now. we will find some breaks from time to time. shouldn't see that precipitation all day and all morning long. a couple of breaks but more will build in as you head towards late tonight and early tomorrow morning. most areas see plain old rain but see the oranges in there, that is rain falling heavily at time. we have to watch out. some colder air wrap in on the back side. that transitions some of the rain back over to snow. in the mountains of west virginia. then a little clipper system late tuesday and early wednesday could bring shot of snow showers towards the mountains of west virginia. how much snow are we talking about? some areas in the mountain and parts of the new river valley through the i-81 corridor average 4 to 8 inches m get a little more of areas just a little less all depending on where you are. here you are your forecast
5:49 am
snow early and afternoon mix changing over to the sleet pellets and eventually even some pockets of freezing rain. highs today in the low 30s at best. tonight we'll hover in the low 30s but start to warm as you head toward tomorrow morning with that wintry mix changing over to plain old rain. first alert tornado, seven day planner. an impact day today and tomorrow depending on the winter storm. look at high on tuesday. back up to 47 degrees. wednesday, thursday and friday more sunshine begins to build back n continue with that warming trend by the weekend we should be backed up closing in on 60 degrees and all this will quickly be melting away. >> it is 31. >> yeah, i know. this weekend. >> no kidding. excitement is growing over tonight grammy award. ll cool j will host the show and several popular musicians are set to rock the stage all night. pit bull and lady gaga are among them and this year's show
5:50 am
years because it is tribute to honor musical legend that have died. along with big performances some stars could bring home lots of trophies. taylor swift is up for seven grammyies. you can watch the award show right here on wdbj7 wdbj7 tonight at 8:00. high school senior surprised all 800 of his female classmates in honor of valentine's day. haden god free brought a flower for every single girl at the high school. he paled them out on thursday dishing out 500 for the flowers flowers. >> i want to make as many people happy as possible. i don't think a girl should be left out during valentine's day day. >> haden already has a girlfriend and she says she is very proud of what he did. starting to regret that at that you to there is new hope to get to get a successfully removed.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
proven to be the best o >> on this date in 1903 the first teddy bear goes on sale n 1944 singapore japan disney cinderella opened in 1950. us figure skating team is killed on plane crash in 1961 and on the state in 1998 dale earnhardt wins the first daytona 500. >> the thing about the teddy bears -- >> yes. that helps too. >> keep those inside because you don't want to get wet from the outside. snow continues to fly across the area. winter storm warnings right through noon tomorrow for our entire viewing area. that doesn't just mean it is going to be snow. we're getting the snow now but see that tnsition over to sleet, freezing rain, and as you head through the overnight hours. you see on the radar right now that continues to feed in from the southwest to the northeast. see the deeper blues that is
5:54 am
moderate to heavy snowfall. one batch in eastern tennessee going to try to drive into southwestern virginia over the next couple of hours then you actually see some plain old rain in central tennessee. that is where the warm air is located. it takes time but it is going to try to drive in our region over the next 24 hours. >> snow, sleet, rain. hopefully there. and this morning hometown health might be closer to being eraseed forever. a new piece of equipment is helping people clear their once marked skin. it is the latest fda approved laser technology that goes four different lengths and they say it is the most powerful machine on market. that means fewer treatments and smaller chance of having skin damage. last only a few minutes but cost several hundred dollars a session. patients experience major side affects other than minor red redness and tenderness. despite the spread of the vika virus it will not change plans for the upcoming olympics.
5:55 am
fighting mosquito that carry the virus. saturday was declared a national day and military and thousands of health workers, working to diminish the problem problem. spreading across latin america and popping up here in the united states. the olympic are healed in rio in august. trending on twitter a debate was the highest rate primary debate since december. only six candidates left but that didn't stop more than 13 million people from watching watching. next gop debate is held on february twenty five. it seems wrapper conway west is in debt. $63 million in the red. he's asking mark zukerberg for $1 million. played last all-star game only had 10 points all about him last night. fans, players and broadcasters honoring him throughout the weekend. a billion dollars loan request
5:56 am
there is -- they're continuing to fall and rode conditions are slick.
5:57 am
5:58 am
cont >> storm coverage continues this morning we have the latest rode conditions and live reports from several areas this morning. wdbj7 morning continues now. >> good morning. 6:00 on this monday. thank you for being with us. i'm kimberly mcbroom. >> and i'm leo hirsbrunner. >> not at the desk because he's out roaming the roads checking on road conditions. check in with him live in a moment. several crews are out today. guilty not the greatest to be there. we have to be out there to let you know what is going on and what we're seeing is snow falling heavily at times. across the area on average about four to 6 inches of snow has already fallen.
5:59 am
center in roanoke. lindsey anderson just went outside to measure. we have 6 inches of snow. snow continues to fall heavily at times for some and eventually if you head through the morning and afternoon it starts to mix with sleet and even some freezing rain from time to time. and then that freezing rain eventually will changer to plain old rain as we head through the overnight hours as temperatures begin to warm up. we have slick road conditions and treacherous today and tonight and even with the transition tonight. some of the road that just have that 6-8 inches on the road when it gets wet it is going to become a slushy mess. >> not as big of a storm as january. yeah. >> all right. we're waking up to snow on the ground. that is making travel treacherous. the virginia department of transportation has crews out working to keep the road as clear as possible. vdot spokesman jason bond joins us by phone to give us an up update on the travel situation. good morning to you, jason. a lot of people are waking up and looking outside and


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